Friday, December 28, 2012


Merry Christmas and goodbye 2012.  What a busy, crazy and rewarding year.  I would love to try and list all of my highlights - but while trying to type this with the baby marching on the kitchen table - I probably should do a condensed version.
I finished my master's degree and went through the graduation ceremony with my family there supporting me.
Will I use it?  I am not sure... we are kind of on the fence of where our careers will take us.  My husband is sitting on his master's in en (pause to get baby off table for fear she might fall when running circles) gineering.

I will complete my obligation to my teaching contract this May.  I will never have to teach clinicals again, never have to be gone Tuesday and Wednesday nights again.  (pause to read baby a book)  This means maybe - finally - my husband would be free to explore his job options.  He has never once complained about being locked at home, but has always considered it a blessing.  It will be nice to at least have the choice after May, to not be tied in anymore and be able to choose based on what we want, not on what we have to do.
(pause to fix Maggie spaghetti and cheetos)
My oldest started the swim team and I have loved watching her become so focused on something other than school.  It has occupied four nights a week for us, but has been worth it to see the changes in her.  She has also become the social butterfly and we have to beg to get time with her.  This Christmas she requested make up of all things.  (pause to get drawing paper and art kits out)
The boys are in a basketball league and loving it.  We love it for the fact both boys practice on the same night at the same gym.  Praises for the small things that make life easy!  (pause to get baby a few cheetos and answer the phone)
Maggie started kindergarten and (pause to get Maggie some tape for her art project) has had an up and down year.  I think she has had a hard time leaving her family all day long, five days a week.  It does seem like a long time for a five year old to be away from her home.  (pause to break up fight about where the tape might be)  She had a recent progress report that talked about her having a hard time not bossing the "little" girls around at her table.  (pause to break up fight about boys making fun of how Maggie coughs)
We are working with her ability to be kind and respectful, even though she might really believe she is the best little thing that ever walked through that kindergarten classroom door.
Annie turned one.  (pause to rescue Maggie's art supplies from the baby, who can crawl up on anything these days)  She has been the biggest amount of work, exhaustion and blessing we could of ever hoped for.  We realized this last night while we were sitting on the couch after all the kids were snug in their beds.  There was a little tea set, a little kitchen and a tiny baby doll cluttering our floor.  Had she not come along - our living room would not have any of this fun little baby girl stuff.  No chubby little baby hands working her new toys. (pause - break up a big fight between baby and Maggie over art supplies)
This biggest lesson learned in a very hard way after the Connecticut shootings was to enjoy every day.  I am ashamed to say that many days before that harsh lesson I was really focused on keeping my house clean, working extras, getting it all done.

 I have realized that its not so important to keep up with pinterest, but to be a present parent in their lives.  Let them cook with you, get down and play kitchen with them, color, read, love, hug, break up fights.  Be there.  I will never ever get this time back, and there are no guarantees in this life.  Focus on the big things.  Every morning wake up and reset - with that plan on action in mind.  Every night go to bed and pray, thank God for his gifts and show appreciation for them.  I'm so blessed its ridiculous, and I hope to go into the new year fulling realizing those blessings. (pause - time to go play kitchen with the two littlest girls who are currently playing tea party there together - my cup runneth over for certain)

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